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Don't Mean a Thing(Got that swing#1)

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NAME OF THE BOOK: Don't mean a thing 

NAME OF THE AUTHOR: Renee Conoulty

PUBLISHER: Ink Kindred Press


GENRE: Contemporary Romance

RATING: 4/5(must read)


I received a copy of this book through goodread from the moderators of some group.

It was a quick read. Read it in a single sitting. All opinions stated below are mine.



It follows a girl(Macie) who is heartbroken and was in an abusive relationship.After her break-through she decides to join the military in Darwin.This book vividly describes the military and Darwin lifestyle.

Macie is a tough girl. She is an introvert. This book describes her friendship with her colleague Rachel and Jeremy who are in the same team as her.
Her bond with her sister Emily is quite strong.Emily provides her with daily gossips and Macie shares her everyday progresses in her professional life with her. She forces her to join the dance classes in Darwin which leads her to meet this amazing man Matt.
Macie was focused on her career but she fell for Matt's personality.He was a primary teacher and would join for the weekly swing dance sessions.
Macie never knew that she would ever dance and that too swing dance!!
But with Matt's assistance she started to like dancing.
At times she made fun of herself and thought never to return to it.
Matt and Macies' relationship had many ups and downs.
For instance,when she was deployed to Malaysia she and Matt could not communicate on call.
She didn't know what to say,she was running out of words
but when they were together they never felt this way.
 So many times she thought that Matt would break up with her but he didnt instead at the military ballgown he proposed her.
Hoping that part #2 of the novel comes out soon.
Anxious to see where this story leads!!


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